HackerNoon Brand Manual
HackerNoon Brand Manual

HackerNoon Brand Manual

🗒️ Introduction Note

Hey there, Hacker 👋

Thank you for checking out Hacker Noon's 2021/2 Brand Manual. Here, you'll find everything you need to help

"make this thing a bigger green blob in the cloud" in the ever-wise words of our founder and CEO, Sir David Smooke.

Iteration 01 of this Manual was created with 💚 by Natasha Nel (former VP Editorial Strategy) and Kien Dao (Brand & Design Lead) to expand the reach of the already well-recognised HackerNoon brand. More people publishing about technology = more documented technical expertise = good for Planet Internet.


Our hope is that this Brand Manual will grow up to be the first place team members and contributors go to align their objectives with HackerNoon's brand mission and messaging; challenge themselves to innovate on the campaigns that came before; and create work that's worth shouting about. ✨


Why Does HackerNoon Exist?Why Does HackerNoon Exist?

HackerNoon exists to be the best place for people to read, learn, and publish about technology. Visit this section to find out why we're aiming to publish 100,000 new writers in 2022.

HackerNoon Visual Assets [Designs, Logos, Green Way of Life, etc.]HackerNoon Visual Assets [Designs, Logos, Green Way of Life, etc.]

Fun Fact: The Official HackerNoon Font(s) are open-sourced. Get all your HackerNoon logos, color palettes, imagery, photography and download our open-sourced fonts here.

Written CommunicationWritten Communication

Here, you'll find all you need to write and speak HackerNoon, including: Language, Spelling, and Grammar Conventions, Brand Voice and Tone, and Copywriting Best Practices.

Partners & Co-Branding Partners & Co-Branding

What it looks like when tech brands, startups, and businesses partner with HackerNoon.

Website and Social MediaWebsite and Social Media

Check out HackerNoon Brand Applications around the web. Coming soon: our brand new Product Design System... 👀

All HackerNoon's Social ProfilesAll HackerNoon's Social Profiles

Hacker Noon is most active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google News, GIPHY, Instagram, iTunes, Facebook, and Youtube — but here you can find the long list of ALL of our social profiles.

Media or Press Related Enquiry?


Please see help.hackernoon.com for more resources on guest posting, publishing your press releases on Hacker Noon, and to learn more about our Evergreen program for brands.

Alternatively, feel free to reach out at yes-reply@hackernoon.com or visit hackernoon.com/contact.