Partners & Co-Branding
Partners & Co-Branding

Partners & Co-Branding

How Does HackerNoon Make Money?

On the daily, startups and big businesses alike approach Hacker Noon to help them tell more compelling brand stories; reach relevant niche audiences; and craft value propositions that'll resonate with some of the world's most intelligent and discerning technologists.
There are 7 ways brands currently collaborate with Hacker Noon:
  1. Publishing branded content on The Evergreen Program (prev. Brand-As-Author)
  2. Targeting niche audience segments with the Ad by Tag Program.
  3. Optimizing for mad clicks with the Site-Wide Billboard Takeover.
  4. Getting targeted emails written, sent and promoted to the right people with the Thematic Newsletter Program.
  5. Sponsoring The Hacker Noon Podcast.
  6. Sponsoring the annual Noonies Awards.
  7. Generating brand and product awareness through Writing Contests.
Scroll on for a glimpse of what it looks and feels like to work with Hacker Noon.

1. The Evergreen Program (prev. Brand-as-Author)

Heroku, AngelList, Indeed and 200+ other tech companies use Hacker Noon to publish and/or republish their blog posts, press releases, and technology updates. Here's what that looks like.


2. Ad by Tag

Let’s say that you want to advertise your AI-based product. Naturally, you’d want to display your AD to those reading AI stories. But you’d also want to display your AD to not just those reading Artificial Intelligence stories, but also to those reading Machine Learning stories, TensorFlow stories, Deep Learning stories, Computer Vision stories, and so on. Enter: Ad by Tag.


3. Site-Wide Billboard Takeover

Essentially a very sticky, popping, succinct banner ad, like such:


4. Thematic Newsletter

Newsletters with custom content created by Hacker Noon Editors, tailored to brands.


5. The Hacker Noon Podcast

Weekly conversations with technologists, about technology.

6. Annual Noonies Awards

The internet's greenest awards!


7. Writing Contests

Do you want to work with Hacker Noon to reach an audience of 1M+ technologists? Here's where you need to be.